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2011 Editions

 Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm|

Anika and the Techno Pirates|               

Magical Chaos at Beechhorn Cove|

Time Bandits and the Fountain of Youth



The Alchemist and the Funnel of Light


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Hi there! Welcome to my world! A fabulous mystical magical world for kids and adults alike to escape into and enjoy. I have seven magical realms, witches, wizards and all sorts of mythical creatures who interact and get into all sorts of predicaments and always a good mystery or two or maybe even three to solve!

My books are best read as a series, starting with Abby, then Anika, followed by Magical Chaos then Time Bandits. I am currently working on the fifth book which leads the kids and all the other fabulous characters into more adventures.

My series is becoming one of the most popular in New Zealand and Australia and has a cult following and is being loved and adored overseas, buy the books and enjoy bringing the love of reading to your kids. They are aimed at the 9-15 market. The series is timeless and many generations love them. I get kids running up to me asking when is the next one coming!

Browse the books and read a sample of chapters and head for the order page to order them directly from the NZ distributor or go to any Paper Plus or Books and More stores in New Zealand or most online book shops stock them.

If they have sold out get them to order them in for you, they will always be available on Amazon now, order them yourself!

My books are action filled, they are written that way on purpose. For any person who has issues with not finding a book that will hold them and get them reading and enjoying it. They should make it to the end and perhaps open up a whole new world for them.

There are a few editions to chose from, first edition covers etc that were done with my publisher and then the world of digital hit us. So I have released the books that have come off contract onto Amazon, Smashwords,Kobo, as e books and print on demand.


I am available for school visits and any schools who are interested for writing courses or instruction please feel free to contact me on


I charge $200 for a mornings workshop and $400 for a day plus travel expenses.


About the Author

I am 51 years of age and hold a diploma from N.Z.I.B.S. as a professional writer of children's stories. I re-trained in my thirties to follow my dream of becoming an Author.

Christchurch, New Zealand is our home where I live with my eldest daughter and Rottweiler.

 My hobbies include swimming, walking, biking, reading and of course writing. I was Chair for the New Zealand Society of Authors Canterbury branch in 2012.

I loved to read as a child. I grew up around  Enid Blyton books and C. S. Lewis and my parents were into watching mystery thrillers on TV, like Agatha Christie's series Miss Marple.

 Let's hope you cannot see where my twists and turns are going...because I'm not going to spoil it for you!

So, my books are mystery laced with loads of adventure and fun characters. Designed for you to be drawn in and to keep you turning the pages and open up the world of reading.

Browse my website, view the covers, read the blurbs and a order a taste of the action.


School visits, which can range from reading to the children to a fun exercise in writing - which stimulates their imaginations and story telling abilities. Most kids who aren't writers write a great story with my very simple exercise.

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Merivale Paper Plus            University Bookshop

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Barrington Paper Plus          Children's Bookshop

Paper Tree Tower Junction   New Brighton Paper Plus

South City Paper Plus          Ferrymead Paper Plus

Scorpio Books                    Hornby Paper Plus                    

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