About Julie

One of New Zealand’s Popular Authors

Julie was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, where she is now residing again after living on the rugged West Coast of the South Island for nine years. She has worked and served overseas with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including a three- year posting to Bangkok, Thailand. 

Her Big Break in the Realm of Children’s Literature

After completing a Diploma for Professional Writer of Children’s Stories, she wrote her popular first fantasy novel for children, Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm. This was written as the first in her series of stories about the adventures of a group of children and other characters in different realms. Julie's series has grown to 4 books in total now. It is called The Realms series. it is extremely popular, read her reviews and enjoy her books.

Julie has recently released another series for children. The Fairytale series and just released her 2nd book in The Keeper of Secrets series for adults.

The Fairytale Series

Written in a larger font so kids can try to read along with the reader. I imagined Mum and Dad pulling funny faces to help explain harder words like the word furrowed, I want to make reading fun and interactive with the reader. I want them to have a good laugh whilst reading. I imagine these books will be ones that will be read and re-read for years, the story is for all ages from 5 upwards but older kids will get right into what the books are designed to do for them and the reader. I felt there was a gap in the market really and hopefully this will fill it.

Each book has its own glossary of terms in the back. These books focus on improving vocabulary and dealing with words like they'd = they had and she'd = she had
Books designed to strengthen kids' abilities and to try to read on their own with the help of the glossary of terms. I've put it in the order the words appear, so kids can read with their thumb in the back part for easy reference. I used to read like that if a book had a glossary so I figured if I did that, others do too.
When kids read, they can tend to skip words rather than working them out, so here's a series of books that will help the kids work the words out for themselves.

They are just before chapter books and for very good readers or for readers who want to explore harder words and push themselves.

For the younger ones, hopefully they will get a laugh at Mum or Dad trying to show them how a furrowed brow looks or how does someone look - when they are pondering something. These books are humour both in the pages and outside the pages. Have fun with them.

These books do lead into the Realms series, so when the kids are older they have chapter books to broaden their reading.

Her Published Works 

Julie writes Mystery Novels. Welcome to her mystery world, where she is going to entertain and enthral you. She is going to pull you into her world and you won't be able to put your book down! You're going to be reading under the sheets just to see what happens next. If you liked reading Harry Potter you will love The Realms series and now with the help of digital publishing, it is easy to bring the series to a worldwide audience. The Fairytale series is pure humour laced with mystery. Most adults love my books too! Julie started Ooky Spooky Publications in about 2017. 

How did Julie come up with Ooky Spooky Publications.? Well, on her desk sits a membership card for the Ooky Spooky club which was on television when she was a child, which she would watch every afternoon. It was about learning how do things like how to write in invisible ink so no one could see your messages using lemon juice and its host was called Count Hymonginious as they were trying to get kids to drink more milk.

Her Life at Home 

Julie lives with her two daughters and her two beautiful English Mastiffs, Mr Arthur and Miss Fable. Julie was Chair of the New Zealand Society of Authors for Canterbury in 2012. 
Contact Julie on (+64) 2140 4860 today. 
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