Some of Julie’s Published Children’s Books

Julie Folkers is a respected figure in the world of children’s books and has published a number of exciting and inspiring works. Below is a list of some of her publications. 

The Fairytale Series

The Pimperknickels and the Tooth Fairy       1

What's happened to the Tooth Fairy?

Why is she leaving notes instead of money?

Why can't she leave the money?

And who are the pesky Pimperknickels who are playing havoc with the Tooth Fairy?

Join Chloe and Ben on their big adventure with the Tooth Fairy and the Pimperknickels.

Recommended for 6-8 year olds.
The Pimperknickels and the Tooth Fairy cover page

Barnaby the Christmas Elf     2

Who is Barnaby?

He's Santa's Christmas elf who comes to visit for a month before Christmas.

He's invisible to kids, only the adults can see him. He's here to check and report back to Santa on whether you have been naughty or nice.

But Barnaby's gone missing!

The kids were laying traps for him, will they find him in time to save Christmas for all the kids around the world.
Join Mum and the kids in the fun they have as they unravel the mystery of what's happened to him.
Barnaby the Christmas Elf cover page

Razzle Dazzle the Missing Reindeer                          3

Who is Razzle Dazzle?

He's one of Santa's reindeer but he went missing before the original tale was told.

So - he was left out and forgotten.

Barnaby, one of Santa's elves thinks he heard him on the magical walkie talkie.

But where is he?

All the characters in Fairy tale land want to help find him.

Join Mum and the kids as they deal with Fairyland characters and try to find Razzle Dazzle.

Will they find him or not?
Razzle Dazzle the Missing Reindeer cover page

Danger Dweeb and the Turd of Hurtles - 4

What's Santa given to Barnaby to give to the kids?
The kids are going to have so much fun with them!

Join the kids as they become test dummies for Santa's latest invention.
Who's Danger Dweeb?
Not to mention the Turd of Hurtles!

Join the kids and enjoy their antics on their latest adventure.

Razzle Dazzle the Missing Reindeer cover page

Bertie Bumpkin and the Frosticals

Coming soon!
Razzle Dazzle the Missing Reindeer cover page

The Realms Series

Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm                 1    

Abby is an eleven-year-old Hopplescotch, the twin to the gate of the gateway that leads to Hopplescotch Realm. Muriel, a Hopplescotch witcherene, is the keeper of the gate and one of the most powerful witches in this world and the seven realms. Abby has been sent to Muriel as a decoy. The peace and quiet of Beechhorn cove are about to be shattered by the re-emergence of Agnes Fairwether, another Hopplescotch witcherene who had tried to overthrow this world ten years earlier. It appears a switches stick may have been used on Muriel and Agnes in their last battle. Who is who? Is the gateway safe? Abby and her new friends seek to unravel the mystery. They are plunged into adventures with many odd characters from the realms while trying to save the realms from the evil Agnes.
Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm cover page


New Author Julie Folkers has created a warm and engaging tale that will be enjoyed by all young readers.
Her colourful and imaginative characters really come alive, and the pace of the story draws the reader in, always wanting to find out what happens next. I found it hard to put down, and recommend it to any parent aiming to grow their child's love of reading.

- Chris Beardsley BSc (social Sciences), Dip Tch (sec)

A wonderfully imaginative and creative story. It is not often I find a book that my twelve-year-old son, my nine-year-old daughter and myself are all completely engrossed in from start to finish. Highly recommended for children, young adults and adults who are children at heart.

Cheryl Thomas

It is such a good book that every kid should read it, it is just so interesting. I would recommend that every school have this book and every library should have it too.

Ivy Fearn, 13 years old

I have 5 copies of Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm in my library at school and it is nearly as popular as Harry Potter especially with the girls. It is like reading a modern day "Famous Five"adventure in a fantasy world.

Karen Gardner, Opawa School, Christchurch, New Zealand

Anika and the Techno Pirates       2

The Techno Festival has come to Hopplescotch Realm. Inventors and magicians from each of the different realms have all kinds of gadgetry and magic spells on show at the festival - more than you could ever imagine! But there is mystery afoot! Who is this Techno Wizard who always cloaks himself, and why does he have such a sinister appearance? Who are the Techno Pirates? Are they trying to ruin the Festival or are they trying to frame the Techno Wizard? As usual in Hopplescotch Realm, things are not always what they seem. Join the kids on their fun adventure as they meet some weird and wonderful characters and unravel the mysteries. Whilst Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm was a fun read, Julie Folkers' second novel, Anika and the Techno Pirates, is action-packed from cover to cover. Abby returns to the Hopplescotch realm to attend the Techno Festival, but this time, it is not all fun and games. Who is behind the ubiquitous treachery reigning down on the folks at the festival? Could it be the Techno Pirates? Or is it the mysterious cloaked wizard?
Anika and the Techno Pirates cover page


Whilst Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm was a fun read, Julie Folkers' second novel, Anika and the Techno Pirates, is action-packed from cover to cover. Abby returns to the Hopplescotch Realm to attend the Techno Festival, but this time it's not all fun and games. Trouble is afoot... Who is behind it? Could it be the Techno Pirates? Or is it the mysterious cloaked wizard? Julie Folkers has really outdone herself with this fantastic new novel. I thoroughly recommend this book.

- Jeremiah Rattray, aged 15

It is always a joy to see someone move steadily through the stages from writing student to published author. Julie Folkers is a big thinker. "Why write one book when I can write a series?" This must have been the question in her mind. Anika and the Techno Pirates is the result. That's quite a significant achievement.

-Brian Morris, Principal, New Zealand Institute of Business Studies

Magical Chaos at Beechhorn Cove    3

The Techno Festival that had come to Hopplescotch Realm is now over, and Muriel returns home to Beechhorn Cove. But things have been happening while she was away, and more trouble is brewing for her and the other intriguing characters from the Author's earlier stories. In their new adventures, they meet a living statue and try to solve the mystery of the Puppet Meister. Some strange people seem to be controlling the affairs of the village, and Muriel and the children must find out who they are and stop them before it is too late. Magical Chaos at Beechhorn Cove is the third tale in Julie Folkers' exciting and very popular adventure series, which began with Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm and continued with Anika and the Techno Pirates. A magical read for children aged 8 to 16.
 Magical Chaos at Beechhorn Cove cover page


I found this book to be a rollicky read. I especially enjoyed the descriptions of nature.

Dr Brenda Kaye B.V.SC
Me and my 3 brothers all read Julie's series of books, loved all the books especially Magical, thought it was a hilarious read with the biggest weirdos out and loved the way the story unfolded.

Jamie Burns, Aged 10

Time Bandits and the Fountain of Youth    4

Muriel is plain worn out from their latest adventure in Magical, she wants to put her feet up and rest but low and behold the mysteries just keep coming at her. Two Moons in the sky, wild weather and distress signals start happening, an inter-realm highway that has been warped by the two idiotic Time Bandits, somehow her house is now part of the highway! Who's the old lady who pushed herself into Muriel's life? Was the murderer in Magical captured or were they all led on a merry chase? What is the Fountain of Youth? And where are the Hobnobble witches who went searching for it? Tigers and Dragons join the are disguised as Hobgoblins and set loose in the realms to solve the mysteries. Join the team as they unravel their latest mysteries and enjoy the ride!
Time Bandits and the Fountain of Youth  cover page


Another fun read from Julie, amazing how she weaves the mysteries from book to book, you think everything has been solved and there's yet another twist to her evil protagonists. Great characters and these should be in everyone's book cases as a keep sake.

A true mystery teller!

Rachel Henry, aged 15
Loved the dragons and descriptions of nature. Another realm entered the story, I could picture it in my head! Couldn't put the book down.

Tom Lester, aged 12

Keeper of Secrets Series
For Adults Only

Scribblings of a Writer     1

The hunt is on!

The old aunt died and left a legacy hidden in her writing. Join the niece and help unravel her inheritance, has she the brains to unravel a mystery writer's clues? The old Aunt was a best selling author of children's mystery books. She had solved the M.S. mystery but was too scared to share it? If the niece wants the prize to one of the world's biggest mysteries, she must work for it!
Scribblings of a Writer  cover page


An easy read, the mystery is intense, it's all in the writing, can't wait to read the next book to see how this all unfolds. She's showing us how to heal ourselves by writing into things. Not for the faint hearted, but shows people how to start healing themselves and stop being stuck..

Crazy protagonists! Some people are right out there!

Amy Prenderville, Age 32

Scribblings of a Scammer      2

Who are these scammers and what's their real purpose?

Apart from ruining your life and leaving you broke.

They aren't after love, it's your money they want because they are funding something that all the world hates.

We write them off as stupid Nigerian scammers.

Yes, read their antics it will give you a good laugh!

But there's a very real sinister side to them.

Best not to engage with them at all.

They do the same tricks as I.S.I.S, it's not radicalising you, it's simply accessing your brain through the use of Voodoo….

See how and what they do….yes, they mean to scare and intimidate even though most of what they do is so badly done it's not funny.

But the voodoo is real and the world needs to stop them.
Scribblings of a scammer cover page
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