Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms for those of you who want a taste of the books.

Glossary of Terms for those of you who want a taste of the books
The Realms Series
A Witcherene is a powerful witch
A Witcherene Supreme is above a Witcherene and is far more powerful and a Witcherene must work her way up to become one.
Muriel and Agnes are both Witcherene Supremes.
A Hopplescotch:- comes from Hopplescotch Realm and looks like a human being.
A key to a Gateway:- Is a special person, you can only travel between Realms if you have a key with you.
Abby is supposedly a key to the gateway and so is someone else!
Wizard of Iglam: - Highest wizards you can get and are a ruling body.
A Techno Wizard is an extraordinary wizard one of the highest you will find with amazing abilities.
Whozells are Agnes' army and are from the seventh Realm, giant wasp like creatures.
Seven Realms:
Hogglenoggles:- Massively tall creatures with 7 inch wrinkly noses, skin like a turtle's, 
enormous eyes that blink very slowly.
Bungleburbs: - Look like humans but have a tattoo on their arm like a tree.
Hagglewaggle: - Part Imp and part Fairy, also have 3 names.
Zimbler: another Realm.
The Seventh Realm: - Just referred to as the seventh realm, it's evil and no one
 goes there, unless you get banished to it.
Rumpleton: - Another Realm
Zimbler: - Another Realm
Cackleberries: - Little pesky purple elves who are mischief makers galore!
Fungee Bungee Fairy: - Live in the Fairy Grove by the Bay of Gnomes and 
Glomes,Anika is their princess and she's staunch.
Mamaphy vision, a super power that Fungee Bungee fairies have.
Magnus and Maughold are both retired Wizard's of Iglam, both being 
naughty in old age.
Mr Stibling: - A living statue who wears a silvery clad suit, who's 
controlling him and why?
The cats in Magical are into tune crazes a bit like humans are into dance crazes.
 Raggel, Rastis and Jaggie.
Ghosts in the Museumare all a bit stir crazy and keep dancing 
everywhere and being stupid.

Enough said I'm not going to ruin the fun for any of you, 
just enjoy the ride as you enter my magical world created to entertain you.
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